Evaluation of web design and its importance in a browser


There are a number of skills and disciplines that existing web design. The design ease mostly based on graphic design, authoring, interface design, standardized coding structure and use of proprietary software. It also includes search engine optimization and user experience design. Usually, the design is carried out by a team of professionals where the work is subdivided to speed up the overall process. It is often related to the front and procedure that is involved in designing a website. It is also important for a web designer to have complete awareness about web accessibility guidelines and usability options.

Even though web design has a decent history, other areas such as graphic design can also be linked to this process. However, many developers see web designing as a stand-alone technological standpoint. In the current scenario, it has become an important part as it helps in development of a website. It would be difficult for any individual to imagine the current world of Internet without images, graphics, animation, background structure and music. Coming to history, the first World Wide Web used simple line mode browser which did not have the proper approach to integrated design elements. However, Mosaic browser broke this tradition. Eric Bina and Mark Endreessen developed Mosaic in the year 1993.

Release of W3C in the year 1994 changed the entire structure of World Wide Web. Since then, W3C is setting standards to reduce monopoly over programming language and proprietary browser. In the year 1994, Marc formed Communications Corporation. It was later known as Netscape Communications. Netscape used HTML tags that were completely independent of what the general HTML coding was present in the market. Marc included tags into Netscape 1.1 in such a way that it was possible to change the color, the text format with a simple tag. The period from 1996 to 1999 saw a great war between browsers. Netscape was often challenged by Microsoft in order to dominate the area of browser. It was during this period that further technologies were developed such as dynamic HTML, JavaScript and cascading style Sheets. The war between the browsers saw a great developmental activity in web design. New standards have been released by W3C for HTML5 and for CSS3. Web design has set new standards for constructing a website. It has become easy for developers to attract customers by creating an attractive atmosphere and ambience throughout the pages of a website.