Link Building is a vital component of any effective online marketing campaign. We provide high quality white hat link building service. Plenty of SEO managers are ruinprojects of their clients because they have not learned the basic rules and use unethical SEO methods.

“The objective is not to make your links appear natural, the objective is that your links are natural.” Matt Cutts, leader of Webspam team at Google.

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There are 10 top mistakes in link building that you should avoid

  1. Don’t think that Linkbuilding is more important than content – the quality of the content is the most important thing,
  2. Don’t watch only some of the rankings – there are many numbers in SEO and not all of it describe the true nature of your project.
  3. Don’t make backlinks only for search engines crawlers – it is long to explain, but links should be for people – not machines!
  4. Quantity has value – no, do not be mad. If you have to be penalised for high number of backlinks, then stop before start of it.
  5. Diversify your linkbuilding – search engines bots are smarter are smarter every day. They know if you are trying to cheat them.
  6. Static sites don’t keep their ranks forever – actually, bots “love” updated content. So update and send your messages to people regularly.
  7. Backlinks from sites related to yours – If you have site about music, you don’t need backlinks from industry or adult sites. Look for partners with similar music.
  8. Only use rich keywords in title of backlinks – maybe it worked in the past, but now you have to be careful.
  9. Do not ignore Nofollow and Dofollow – low quality or dangerous backlink? Use Nofollow html tags sometimes.
  10. Don’t expect quick results – linkbuilding is more than an exact science – it’s alchemy. It can explode in your face if you are not careful. Be patient and work hard on your website content if you want good results.