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White hat SEO is known as ethical tactic, involves compliance with the rules of search engines and their users without attempting to outsmart or undermine the search engine rules.

Safe Growth

White hat SEO create opportunity for unlimited steady growth without fear of being penalized.

Increased Business

White hat SEO increase your positiosn, boost the traffic on websites thereby increasing ROI.

Brand Awareness

White hat SEO helps build the credibility of brand or business in your industry. Your brand will grow.

Smart Investment

The long term benefits of white hat SEO outweigh the short term costs. SEO is smart investment.

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There are two ways for SEO

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White hat SEO: Is the involvement of optimization strategies and techniques that has its main focus on getting human audience other than just search engines alone but still follow search engines rules and policies.

qubicBlack hat SEO: In contrast, black hat SEO involves mass buying links or using other deceptive and prohibited practices that do not conform with standards and regulations set by most known search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.


In general, only white hat SEO practices can guarantee a sustainable growth. Black hat SEO means risk and gamble on the credibility of your site. It may have temporary speed advantages but the risk of a penalty is very high. Black hat SEO can get your site banned from various search engines.


Establishment of white hat SEO is certainly the best way to have an ethically right, sustainable and successful website and business.


SEO is very important to get you to the top of the organic ranking on search engines but getting to the top is not enough, sustaining yourself at the top of the ranking and building a credible image for your website without fear of been banned or penalized is also of paramount importance. White hat SEO present you with the ethical ways of maintaining top spots on search engines without going against the laid down rules and regulations of search engines while also satisfying users.