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SEO is one of the leading trends among website owners. If you have a website then you most likely have heard about SEO. Search engine optimization involves strategically influencing your search engine result ranks consequently boosting the quality and quantity of your website traffic. SEO is one of the best of all forms of digital marketing in the sense that with SEO, people are already searching for you. They need your goods and services and they are trying to locate where to get it. SEO takes you to people interested in what you do.

What is White Hat SEO

White hat SEO service is the involvement of optimization strategies and techniques that has its main focus on getting human audience other than just search engines alone but still follow search engines rules and policies. White hat SEO also is known as ethical SEO involves compliance with the rules of search engines and their users without attempting to outsmart or undermine the search engine ranking.

What is Black hat SEO

In fact, the emergence of new technologies, search standards, and transparent policies have given white hat SEO a wide advantage over black hat SEO. Black hat SEO is the direct opposite of white hat SEO. If you offer quality content and provide quality services, if you provide efficient fast loading and responsive websites, if you use appropriate descriptive keyword-rich tags and you make the navigation of your website easy for your users, you are definitely practicing white hat SEO. In contrast, black hat SEO involves buying links or using other deceptive and deceitful means that do not conform with standards and regulations set which can be harmful to customers. In general, only white hat SEO practices can guarantee a sustainable website but black hat SEO can get your site banned from various search engines.

Why is White Hat SEO Important?

In all forms of work, operations or in providing services, ethics is very important. The importance of white hat SEO cannot be overemphasized. Establishment of white hat SEO is certainly the best way to have an ethically right, sustainable and successful website and business. Reasons why SEO is important to include but are not limited to;

  • It eliminates the risk of your website getting banned or blocked from search engines which can lead to an unrecoverable loss in your business.
  • White hat SEO service provides you with far less quality control compared to the black hat SEO.
  • White hat SEO creates the opportunity for unlimited steady growth without fear of being detected or penalized.
  • The long term benefits of white hat SEO outweigh the short term costs.
  • White hat SEO helps build the credibility of brand or business in the industry and also help create a sustainable golden image of the business.
  • White hat SEO boost the traffic on websites thereby increasing ROI.

Top 5 Effective White Hat Seo Techniques

  1. CREATE QUALITY CONTENTS: The quality of your content is one of the most significant ranking factors and it is even becoming increasingly important. Creating quality content is certainly one of the most valid technique to run a white hat SEO. Quality is not limited to just writing “good” content but other factors like length, topic, keywords distribution are also important.
  2. USE OF EXCELLENT KEYWORDS: Keywords is one of the main boosters and important techniques for running a white hat SEO thus it is of paramount importance that they are used excellently. The even and effective distribution of these keywords, as well as their appropriate usage, are also considered in the ranking. It is important to note that “keywords” doesn’t necessarily refer to a single term, rather phrases, sentences or a whole body of terms can be used then the intent and the context in which they are used are considered. Keywords are best used naturally.
  3. BUILDING QUALITY LINKS: in other to run a successful white hat SEO, having a quality link is very important. A site without a quality link might never make it to the top of the rankings. If care is not taken, one might employ black hat method in the quest of trying to build a quality link. What differentiates white hat link building from a black hat is that the website owner is dedicated to acquiring quality links for real websites that are relevant to their own which is not an easy task at all.
  4. PRIORITIZE THE EXPERIENCE OF YOUR USERS: Paying significant attention to the experience of your users is one of the ways to pull through in white hat SEO. Search engines especially Google now have a way of identifying and punishing bad experiences. Aside from that, if users need are not met, it is obvious they instantly leave the site and may never come back.
  5. PAY ATTENTION TO LOCAL SEO OPTIMIZATION: In recent times, it is obvious that when users search for solutions to meet their needs, they want it as near as possible. Therefore, local SEO optimization will help the people around you detect your location. So if you run a business or provide certain services, you can consider optimizing your site for local searches which have proven to be very effective.

Build the credibility of your brand and business

SEO is very important to get you to the top of the organic ranking on search engines but getting to the top is not enough, sustaining yourself at the top of the ranking and building a credible image for your website without fear of been banned or penalized is also of paramount importance. White hat SEO present you with the ethical ways of maintaining top spots on search engines without going against the laid down rules and regulations of search engines while also satisfying users.


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