It Is Time to Say Goodbye to Google Analytics Universal

Search marketers must get habituated to the fourth version of Google Analytics with the modification of the inertia. It has been already announced by the team Google that the company will deprecate Universal Analytics in 2023. From July 1st Universal Analytics is going to shut down. Also, Universal Analytics 360 will stop processing from the 1st of October, 2023.

Although the previous Universal Analytics processed data will be saved once the depreciation is done. It will be stored for six months after deprecation on the mentioned dates.

google analyticsThere are various reasons behind this switching procedure.  According to the product management director, Russell Ketchum, Universal Analytics is ideal for online measurement generation for being anchored to the desktop web. This is also related to observable cookies data and independent sessions. Mr. Ketchum has announced that this measurement procedure is going to be obsolete sooner.

The new king is here

The newest version which is named Google Analytics 4 or GA4 is absolutely different from the older versions. This new version works covering various platforms, and it is not dependent on cookies. Additionally, this version is designed with event-based data model measurement. There is space for storing IP addresses in Universal Analytics 4. That is why it helps brands with privacy regulation by staying on the right side.

Google analytics overviewGoogle Analytics 4 comes with brief detail. The release date of GA4 is October 2020. There are some commitments regarding Google Ads’ intense integration, and insight prediction, alongside cross-device capability measurements. The following updates have been created by Google from 2020 for the upcoming analytics platform.

Google is careful. And that is why the newest version is coming for better systematical performance. Do not wet more for the up-gradation of GA4. During the year, it goes through examination, and it has shown well-results each time. Users can easily enable star tracking metrics, once configure Google Analytics 4. This will help users get the previously saved data quick for the reference utility.

This is like a wake-up call. Search marketers already love to adopt GA4 for better performance, and the number of such users is extreme already. The upcoming fifteen months will be vital, and GA 4 will be the only option for analytics performance and parameters. No option will be there in the upcoming days. So, it is better to get familiar with GA4 along with its capabilities and interface. This will help you in the future for better transition and brand handling