Google May 2022 Core Update

You read it right! Google is releasing a new wide core upgrade six months after the last core update. Google is releasing its debut broad core algorithm upgrade of 2022 right now. Google’s Danny Sullivan announced the May 2022 core release. The latest core update when was in November 2021, which was more than six months ago.

Google makes core upgrades to enhance Search as a whole and stay up with the evolving character of the web. an upgrade to the core. Google added that they make core upgrades to enhance Search in general and stay up with the evolving dynamics of the web. While nothing is a core update is special to any one site, these upgrades may cause some obvious changes in how sites function, as we’ve previously said in our guidelines on what site owners must know about core updates.

may-core-update(source: Semrush Sensor)

What is behind it?

Since May 16, the SEO community has been witnessing indicators of a possible Google algorithm upgrade going out. Those rumors have not been confirmed by Google. Before today, any volatility was most probably unrelated to those rumors. Perhaps Google was putting this fundamental upgrade to the test?

Google had the December 2020 core update before that, which was much larger than the May 2020 core update, and it took a few weeks to properly roll out. The previous core upgrade occurred in January 2020, and we wrote about it here.  Before that, there was a core upgrade in September 2019. Several SEOs and webmasters thought it was weaker than prior core upgrades, claiming that it had a less impact. More information on previous Google changes may be found here.

If you’re stuck, here’s what you should do. In the past, Google has offered suggestions on what to do if you’ve been harmed by a core upgrade. There are no precise steps to recover, and a drop in rankings may not indicate anything is amiss with your sites. However, if your site is affected by a core change, Google has provided a list of queries to consider. Google did mention that there is some recovery time between core upgrades, but that the major effect will be following another core update.

Why should we care?

When Google modifies its search results algorithms, your site’s position in the results pages may improve or deteriorate. Seeing when Google conducts these modifications offers us a reference point for determining whether it was a result of something you altered on your site or a change in Google’s ranking algorithm. Google is expected to release a key ranking upgrade today, so keep a watch on your statistics and rankings in the coming weeks.