What’s New in the Google Search Ads 360?

search-ads 360

Google Ads has updated its Search Ads 360 platform with a new look and capabilities that is bound to help marketers increase scalability and productivity by making campaign administration easier.

Here’s what’s new in Search Ads 360’s largest overhaul in over a decade?

The Google Ads 360 Platform has been reconstructed Google recognizes advertisers encountering several demands. It’s not unusual for you to be working on several platforms simultaneously.

Google cites a slew of advantages for the new technology, including:

  • Enterprise workload scalability
  • More data processing and managing
  • Updated Bidding tactics
  • The most significant upgrade to Search Ads 360 is the instant support for the new campaign types that Google Ads introduced:
  • Max-Performance campaigns
  • Campaigns of discovery

Features for Faster Navigation Users of Search Ads 360

Google Search Ads consumers are familiar to dealing with platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. Google’s UI has been reformed to look more like those tools.

Enterprise marketers can reduce their workflow with faster navigation capabilities, with some predicting a 20 percent time reduction.

Improved Search Engine Optimization

Google also revealed that the new Search Ads 360 has improved support for third-party solutions.

Many advertisers, particularly corporate marketers, deal with many search engines in various locations across the globe. You may now use features from other search engines by adding extra support. These extra characteristics include:

  • Search Sitelink Extension Scheduling Using Dynamic Ads

Customer Match is a feature of Microsoft Ads, common in Microsoft Ads.

Support for third-party tools aims to allow you to perform activities in one spot. The fewer platforms you have to transfer between to get work done, the more time you have to focus on activities that matter.

  • Advanced Business Innovations

In addition to capabilities, similar to those seen on other platforms, Google has introduced features, unique to this platform.

These capabilities allow you to simplify and organize daily chores in new ways. Changes to several platforms may now be performed simultaneously in Search Ads 360.

The capacity to set automatic rules and labels, spans various platforms is an example. You may automate promotional ad scheduling in Google and Microsoft Ads by using Search Ads 360 instead of each separate tool.

  • A new “Templates” section for inventory management and the ad builder is also available in the enterprise version. Later in 2022, this functionality will be available. You may create and change ads in bulk using the templates area.

Finally, Search Ads 360 will have an enhanced budget management tool and developed to “Performance Center.”

You’ll be able to estimate spending and trends across numerous search engines, rather than just managing your budget. This will be a critical tool for generating marketing budget scenarios to consider in the economy’s and demand’s ever-changing nature.

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