Top SEO Trends in 2019

SEO Trends 2019

SEO has changed quite a lot over the last decade and things are not like what they used to be few years back. And, with continuous innovation in technology, new SEO trends will keep coming in and things will evolve as we enter 2019 and go beyond that. If you’re an SEO strategist looking to find out where SEO will be headed in 2019 and what trends you need to follow, here is some good bit of information for you. Let’s check out.

  1. Voice & Amazon Search Will Rule

Experts predict that Voice and Amazon search will be the leading trends in 2019. In fact, it is predicted to be the biggest trend in SEO as 2019 sets in. With 56% consumers starting their product searches on Amazon rather than Google, it’s a major shift being observed and nobody can really neglect Amazon Search now. Similarly, more and more people will be making vocal searches and that’s going to be a major SEO trend as well.

  1. AR & VR Will Have Their Share in the Organic Search

The organic search algos of Google will be influenced dramatically by both AR & VR. Both of them are promising technologies and they’ll be in focus for SEM in 2019. Even though our search patterns might not completely change by that time, but both these new and emerging technologies will impact how we engage users, build links, and generate the leads with content marketing. Furthermore, content strategists are going to put all their effort into incorporating videos into their content as well.

  1. Mobile-First Indexing

Simply put, it means Google takes into account your website’s mobile version to index and rank it. Earlier this year, Google started migrating websites to the mobile-first index and you might have already been notified about it by the Search Console. All that buzz, however, means Google will be considering websites’ mobile versions to rank them once they have been migrated.

  1. Page Speed

We all know that Google now values user experience more than anything else. It’s been ranking websites based on page load time for desktop versions for some time. From now on, it will also take mobile page speed into consideration as well. So, this will be an SEO trend to follow in 2019 and it will shake off many websites for sure.

So, follow these top trends in SEO as the New Year arrives and be the king in the digital world. Rank higher in search engines and grab more leads than ever.