Best 10 SEO Chrome Extensions

Google chrome seo extensions

If you’re an SEO expert and you love doing your work on Google Chrome, you must be on the lookout for the best SEO extensions that can help make your job easier. In that case, here we have top 10 SEO extensions that you must consider.

1. MozBar

MozBar is a perfect extension to have on your Chrome if you’re an SEO freak. It gives you insights into authority stats of each page. Besides, it highlights the spam score and performs link analysis for each page on an SERP to give you a complete picture of your competition without much of an effort.

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2. Open SEO Stats

It’s your all-inclusive SEO powerhouse that gives you all the information you need. It comprises of six different sections including:

• External Page Data
• Social Media
• Page Elements
• Server/Domain Info
• Page Terms/Tools
• Suggestions

It also highlights your domains when you make a Google Search, social media statistics in the Google Analytics tool, and the trend data from Google Webmaster tools. It’s a must for SEO specialists.

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3. Note AnyWhere

This Chrome extension allows you to leave Notes just about anywhere. It could be on any site, any page, or anywhere else. These notes can be helpful to continue from where you had left even after a couple of days or more.

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4. Page Load Time

With increasing importance of page speed in SEO, having this extension is a must. It helps you keep track of page speed of your web pages by highlighting the time it takes whenever you load a web page. It gives you some quick insights as well.

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5. Firebug

Firebug can help you inspect code like never before and identify tags and tweaks which can help give a boost to your rankings. It’s a must for those OCD experts.

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6. META SEO Inspector

This extension takes the metadata definition to a whole new level. It not just helps you analyze meta tags but also allows for analyzing XFN tags, various microformats and canonical tags.

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7. IE Tab

This one allows you to browse web pages as if you’re browsing it on IE. The extension can be used for confirming page appearances, double checking rankings, and when Chrome doesn’t seem to load pages.

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8. Scraper

Scraper helps speed up the process of pulling elements from different websites or individual pages for major analysis. It uses XPath query language for exporting HTML elements from web pages as well as other similar data. It will save your precious time when performing technical SEO audits.

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A tool to quickly check the position of multiple sites (yours and your competitors) given a keyword. Many countries supported.

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10. SEO meta in 1 click

Display title and its length, Meta description and its length, URL and much more. Quick and easy – very useful for a quick first pass page audit, but fairly comprehensive as well! Excellent extension to know about your competitors and your website SEO methodology used

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You can use these top 10 SEO extensions for Google Chrome and revamp the way you do your Search Engine Optimizations. These extensions will surely help you a lot.