Attract more Organic Leads

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If you are not already familiar, organic leads refer to the prospects who come across your company as they were searching for some product or service in Google or some other search engine. They do not visit your website directly or by clicking on some PPC ad. Usually, these prospects and leads do not know about your product/service before searching for relevant products/services online.

As most of us resort to Google whenever we’re looking for something, ranking high in SERPs and generating more organic leads turns out to be a top priority for companies. But how exactly you do that for your business? Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Keyword Research

Increasing organic leads, primarily relies on your understanding of the search terms that your prospects and customers are using for finding products/services that you are selling. So, it’s key to find out the keywords that are the most relevant to your business as well as the competition you will get by targeting those keywords. Incorporating highest volume and lowest competition keywords into your website as well as your content will certainly help you rank higher in SERPs and that’s where you’ll be generating most of your leads.

  1. Publish Consistent and Helpful Content Regularly

After determining the keywords you want to target, it’s really important that you deploy a consistent strategy for your content marketing. Consistency across your marketing content is valued both by the readers as well as the search engines. Just make sure that you keep publishing content regularly and you’ll generate more organic leads as you’ll continue to do that.

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  1. Understanding your Personas

Before writing down your content or, maybe, re-designing your website, it is important to create the buyer personas as it will help you set clear targets. Define your IDEAL customers and when you’ll create top quality content which resonates with the audience you’re targeting, you’ll naturally have an impact on your ranking in the Search Engines.

  1. Take Advantage of Videos

Since the announcement of “Universal Search” in 2007, videos have become one of the important SEO elements. A recent study boldly reveals that websites which incorporate videos tend to have 53 times more chances to rank higher up on first page in SERPs. Some basic reasons behind that are Google values Quality Content more than the keywords, search results that have videos maintain 41% higher CTR, and videos make it more likely for visitors to stay on the site longer.

These are only few of the ways that will help you attract more organic leads. So, know your game and move ahead in the right direction.