Google is Rolling Out Core Web Vitals Update


Google has been started page experience rollout for this year which may bring an extreme change in your website or not. The process was begun on Thursday, and according to Google, it will be finished by August 2021. This time, the page experience rolling out is taking a longer span. What is the reason for being so long? It is due to an imperceptive rolling out operation. The complete rollout will be done by august 2021, as Google has announced. But this time, the procedure is not using AMP for top stories as their eligibility factors. The information of this operation and its duration is declared on the Twitter page. And said that this latest signal will be used for top stories for their position and status fixation and confirmation. 

Along with this announcement, Google has shared some details for the business companies and website owners that will help to know more about the recent ongoing rollout process. Just take your glimpse down:

Top Stories – Google page experience rolling out was started on the 17th of June 2021. This is the newest signal for page experience. And it is going to be used for page eligibility for the carousel, including sections.

Stop expecting drastic ranking up-down – It is common to have an expectation of better results. This new rolling-out process may help a website to be ranked better or drag the position down. But Google requested users not to expect extreme ranking changes after release the rollout details. Because it cannot bring drastic change that can uplift or touch the bottom line in the Google search engine. According to Google, this update will help in highlighting pages which has an extreme user experience. But that is not all for the ranking position change as many other factors are also included in the ranking system’s account.

Core web vitals update
Core Web Vitals update metrics


TIP: You can check your Core Web Vitals metrics with Google Insight Tool here:

Rollout hold-up – The actual rollout system has been detained for a while, but it is already started. Check out the general rolling-out timeline for a better experience to know how the process will remain and why it takes much time.

  • Mid-June rolling out process – Page experience update and rollout details that need to be known are as follows:
  • During the rolling out system, the ranking change will be started. But in the end, it would not be drastic changes.
  • AMP badge would not be profitable this time, and it will vanish gradually.
  • AMP will not be vital for news apps for Google pages, and also it would not be crucial for
  • A feasible badge for page experience will be in testing. Although Google did not make the final decision for this one yet.
  • Carousel features will be updated and included for Google top stories for every news content if the contents meet Google News policies and guidelines.

The page experience rolling out will be done by August that includes FID, CLS, LCP as vital metrics. One should know that core web vitals and core updates are parts of the Google page experience update. The year-long waiting is over as the process has been started with the latest system. Yet do not expect big from this newest rolling out procedure.