What is Technical SEO and Why is it Important to You?

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The top factors in Technical SEO focus on the specialized aspects of your website which support search engines to crawl, cache and index your site accordingly. This type of optimization is almost always accomplished by an SEO expert or a web developer fulfilling such an expert’s recommendations. Some of the top factors in Technical SEO relate to optimizing site speed, managing redirects, improving site architecture, securing backlinks from trustworthy sources and enhancing user experience.

If your site is not ranking on the first page of Google and other valued search engines for the keywords you have designated, hiring an SEO service to audit your site and tally your Technical SEO “score” is truly necessary. While all aspects of SEO should be analyzed, improving how your site is crawled, cached and indexed is extremely important with respect to where your site will be positioned in decisive search engine results.

Responsive websites

What an SEO expert objectively understands is how a search engine “perceives” and “understands” your site. This level of perception and understanding is crucial to the success of your online presence. Also crucial to success is that your website be responsive, especially on mobile devices. Responsive websites are favored by search engines. A responsive website senses the display mode of the computer or device accessing the site and displays the website’s text, graphics and photos accordingly. Have you ever visited a website on one of your computers or devices and the website content looked askew? This is why a website needs to be responsive! No one wants to risk losing valuable traffic.

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Other factors that comprise Technical SEO include site accessibility, removing broken links, resolving duplicate content, cleaning up error code and extraneous code, installing a site map and ensuring your site is SSL secure. As you can imagine, this type of SEO is very time-consuming. However, the ultimate outcomes from these actions will definitely appeal to popular search engines. When your site performs at its optimal level, it will be more easily crawled and indexed.

SEO consulting

Technical SEO is considered to be the basis on which other SEO elements are layered. Several of the most basic aspects of Technical SEO are domain age, URL format plus page and domain authority. If you are planning to set up a new site and you are in the market for a domain or configuring a domain, consulting an SEO expert is an absolute must! Why? Your expert can evaluate your domain choices using available metrics and can advise how to best format your URL for search engines. Think of your SEO expert as one of your most valuable advisers as you develop your business.

Websites which are international in appeal especially need an SEO expert to review “internationalization”. Internationalization includes installing specific hreflang tag attributes to illustrate language-specific relevancy to search engines. Let your SEO adviser assess whether you need this detailed service. Don’t lose revenue because your site is not coming up on page one of Google searches. Your SEO adviser will work with you and your web developer to reach this coveted goal.

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