5 Common SEO Mistakes


Search Engine Optimization has become quite an essential aspect of modern marketing strategies. Getting a business website developed and then ranking it for your targeted keywords in all popular search engines proves to be the key for improving brand awareness and generating leads. However, with SEO methods constantly evolving, it is important to keep things going in the right direction. Besides, you always have to stay on top of search engine updates and apply the right SEO tactics accordingly.

However, there are some common mistakes that people make and they result in the wastage of all the efforts they put in. Here are top 5 mistakes outlined for you so that you can avoid them in future.


  1. Choosing Wrong Keywords

Search Engine Optimization is about choosing the right keywords for your website to rank. However, you can easily go wrong here. A common mistake in selection of keywords, for instance, is to neglect long-tail keywords that are often preferred by search engines as well as the users. You should try to figure out the terms that your prospective customers might use for referring to your products. And, if you are able to figure that out, you’ll definitely be able to optimize your website for right keywords.

You can rely on tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Google Trends to find the trending keywords for your niche.


  1. Temptation to Use Black Hat Tactics

You may be lured by so many different ways of cheating search engines through spam tactics to get backlinks and traffic. However, that’s probably the biggest mistake you can make. Even though they can bring temporary results, they may also entitle your website to penalties if discovered. A few black hat tactics to avoid include:

  • Using low-quality or duplicate content

  • Keyword stuffing

  • Scraping content from different websites

  • Cloaking and other tactics for hiding real intent of the website


slow website

  1. Poor Load Times Due to Overloaded Website

According to the business leaders, photographs, custom banners, videos, and other such graphics are supposed to increase the overall appeal of your website. Even though it’s true, but you should still keep things in balance to optimize your website’s loading time. If your website is not performing well, customers won’t have a second thought before leaving your website.

The time a user spends on your web page is also noticed by Search Engines and they take it as a measure to determine whether the search result was relevant or useful for the visitor or not.


  1. Not Providing The Relevant Content

For modern day search engines, nothing matters more than a perfect overall user experience. They want to ensure that users get what they are looking for. And when they don’t, they’re certainly going to leave the web page within seconds. So, not providing the relevant content is another major mistake people make about SEO. However, it’s the simplest of things to do right.


  1. Missing Out on Quality Links

One thing that modern day content marketers must understand is that quality of the external links that are included in the content carries more importance than the quantity. So, it is important that you should link to well-ranked and most relevant websites that maintain good reputation with search engines. It also helps to link to websites that have provided backlinks to your website because it can help bring traffic back in future.

So, these are some of the common mistakes that people make about SEO and should be avoided in order to get maximum search engine visibility. Just make sure you don’t make these mistakes and see the results coming through in quick time.