COVID-19 Crisis – 10 Steps to Take for your Online Business

Are you wondering what steps you can take for your online business right now, given everything that is happening due to the COVID-19 pandemic? There are absolutely quantifiable steps you can take to show your potential and existing customers that you are still in business and welcome their queries and orders. Here are 10 Steps to Take for your Online Business in the COVID-19 Crisis:

  1. Highlight a COVID-19 Statement on your website clickable to a webpage you set up for your COVID-19 FAQs
  2. Develop Coronavirus FAQs so that everyone is aware of the steps you are taking to safeguard your staff, customers, products and services
  3. Make statements via Social Media regarding anything important that your potential or existing customers need to know immediately such as your new business hours or policies
  4. Update Online Directory Listings such as your Google Business and Yelp listings or listings on Gig and Freelancer sites to reflect changes or updates related to the viral outbreak
  5. Be sure to use the Buzz Phrases (touchless delivery, contact-free, no contact, social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine) that are important for people to see about your online business especially if you deliver or ship physical items not just provide virtual products and services
  6. If your business is experiencing a downturn, don’t hesitate to offer Special Deals during this time. Make sure that your deals, sales or specials don’t sound exploitative. Be sensitive to everything that people are experiencing during these stressful times
  7. Be Honest and Transparent. If your business has been impacted because of the virus, share this info. Your customers would rather have honesty than dishonesty
  8. Consider making a Donation to an appropriate charity in your area that is active during this crisis
  9. Stay in Communication with your staff and with any vendors you have to make sure you are supporting their efforts to keeping your business going forward
  10. Consider developing a Crisis Plan for COVID-19. Moreover, you should draft a plan that encompasses any crisis which could impact your business including force of nature such as earthquake or windstorm, calamity such as fire or flood …or… any other crisis

COVID-19 Ecommerce Opportunities

There is a saying – In Crisis There is Opportunity. Instead of dwelling on the downside, look for opportunities which may arise for your business. It might take creative brainstorming to develop these opportunities, because they might not be obvious. Reality is that you may also need to cut some overhead or operational costs to stay afloat. Spend more when times are good, spend less when times are tough.

Pessimism will not make you money. Adapting to a tumultuous world and maintaining a positive outlook will do more for your online business in the long run. Some of these pieces of advice may sound like platitudes, but people often panic during times like these. Now is the time to take a moment, take a deep breath and think of a way for your online business to succeed during COVID-19 and beyond.

If you are looking for quality information about coronavirus, prefer verified sources: WHO

Image: Pixabay