The history of Web search engine

search engine

Web search engines are designed in such a way that they will carry out a search over the World Wide Web. Usually, the results are presented in a line that is often described as search engine results page. The information retrieved by a search engine will depend upon the specific keyword entered by the individual. This will include images, content, WebPages and any other type of file. There is also a possibility that search engines mine data that is usually available in an open directory or a particular database. Web search engines usually maintain an algorithm that crawls over the websites available over the Internet to retrieve information.

During the early development stage, there were many web servers that were edited by Tim Berners and Lee. The edited information was then made available on CERN Web server. According to history, the first web search engine used or the major tool is Archie. The name has been derived from archive without the “v” present in it. Alan Emtage created the tool in the year 1990. The program utilized the files which were available publicly on FTP sites, which helped create a database of files. However, the tool did not have the capacity to index data that was available over these websites. This is due to the reason that the amount of information that was available was very little or limited and retrieval of the same could readily be searched manually.

Veronica and Jughead, new search programs were developed by Mark McCahill in the year 1991. It was very similar to that of Archie as it searched for information of files that were available in Gopher index systems. It was Veronica search engine that made it possible for an individual to carry out search by using a keyword. The search engine utilized the keyword to retrieve information from the available listings in the Gopher menu title listings. On the other hand Jughead was utilised to retrieve information from specific Gopher servers, which specifically targeted Manu information.

It was in the year 1993 that the worldwide saw the use of first web robot called the Wanderer. The Perl-based script had the capacity to measure the size of the World Wide Web. It existed till 1995. Aliweb was the second search engine that also appeared in the year 1993. The search engine mainly was dependent on the notifications provided by the administrators of websites about their existence by indexing a particular file in a particular format.