We produce static, dynamic websites and custom content management systems with their own administration. We take care of unique graphic design that matches your company philosophy. We will create a variety of unique web templates, banners, or posters. Web development is alchemy. Many standard “craftsmen” can create a website at home, but only a true master is able to create masterpiece.

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Web Design Packages

  • Simple
  • $ 390
  • Simple website
    1 - 10 subpages
  • + Free Web Hosting

  • Mid-Size
  • $ 690
  • Business or Personal
    10 - 100 subpages
  • + Free Web Hosting
    + Free SSL implementation

  • Simple
  • $ 1 590
  • Shopping cart
    1 - 100 products
  • + Free Web Hosting
    + Free SSL implementation
    + Free SEO for 3 months
  • Mid-Size
  • $ 3 590
  • Shopping cart
    100 - 2 000 products
  • + Free Web Hosting
    + Free SSL implementation
    + Free SEO for 6 months


Our rules make your web design successful and stunning

  • Keep it simple
  • White space is important
  • Remember your site design isn’t supposed to entertain visitors, but make it easy for them to read and navigate
  • Web users are impatient and websites which are hard to navigate force them to leave your website faster
  • Users follow their intuition and they want to have control, so make it easy for your readers to find what they want
  • Usability and the utility > Visual experience. An easy to read site is better than a pretty one.
  • Don’t play with visitors patience but manage their attention. Direct them to what you want them to see
  • Users appreciate quality and credibility, but they don’t read, they scan
  • Images are more eye-catching than the text but not more important. Look for balance between both.
  • Effective writing, clear talking, business language > long complicated and boring texts
  • Test, test, test… leave no unfinished work behind
  • Conventions = confidence, trust, reliability and credibility

We know which things can ruin webiste

  • Having too many ads and banners which distract from your content
  • Violating design conventions – having an unreliable or hard to use site
  • Having empty content – links that lead to nothing
  • Having bad or unoptimized page titles
  • Having a fixed font size
  • Writing walls of text without subheads, spaces or pictures etc
  • Bad or harsh color scheme
  • Not changing the color of visited links and making it difficult to follow what you’ve read
  • Not having a search bar/function
  • Pop ups or the need to register as the first thing viewed on your site
  • Overuse of flash or similar technologies like javascript which make your pages load slowly
  • Using audio files
  • Having a home page without sub-pages or a “back button”
  • Utilizing a complicated navigation structure,
  • Underlining normal text
  • Pop-up windows
  • Too many javascript links
  • Not having horizontal scrolling
  • Grammatical mistakes or spelling errors
  • CAPTCHA used in the wrong places… and more

Our work


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