Finding an attractive and stunning logo is not an easy task. A good logo represents your brand and builds trust through the use of shape, fonts, color and images.You should always think about your target market when creating your logo as it represents you in front of your customers and partners. The logo is first sentence in your communication with them. Decide upon or follow the company’s color scheme.

logo design service

Logo Design prices

  • Basic
  • $ 190
  • 3 Designs
    2 Revisions
    Jpg, Png, Svg
  • Business
  • $ 290
  • 5 Designs
    3 Revisions
    Jpg, Png, Svg
  • Premium
  • $ 390
  • 7 Designs
    5 Revisions
    Jpg, Png, Svg
  • Ultimate
  • $ 590
  • 10 Designs
    7 Revisions
    Jpg, Png, Svg


Think of all the different ways you plan to use your logo

  1. Be inspired by but don’t copy successful logos – every logo should be a unique job. Simple logos are stunning and beautiful but make sure they convey your message clearly
  2. In early stage of creating your logo draw or have many different versions sketched. Get feedback of many people – for example colleagues or design professionals – not family and friends.
  3. Make your design scalable and responsive (using vectors and not bitmap editors). Be sure you have more than one final draft and take your time to decide which one will be “the chosen one”.
  4. Having an appropriate logo is not nearly enough. The design itself should be flexible and versatile, allowing it to appear just as polished and legible on the web as it is on business cards,stationary,billboards and merchandise.